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Khames, a 5th generation goldsmith and the baby of 11, was born in Cairo, Egypt. He’s been working the bench and learning his craft since he was 8 years old. While attending business school, he also ran the family jewelry factory before venturing on to the USA.  His first stop in the US was NYC to work in the jewelry business there, until he made an unscheduled trip to discover what he called a gem called Virginia Beach. He fell in love with the friendliness of the locals and the beautiful weather.

He quickly returned to New York, packed his bags and moved here. He considers that move one of the best choices he’s ever made. He ran a local, well-known jewelers for over 15 years before opening his own store on Great Neck Road called Khames Jewelers.

Khames’ commitment to his customers’ custom design being a true one of a kind merits him the hashtag #onepiecekhames.


Pilar’s been busy attending college in New York and working as an accountant in a prestigious firm in Manhattan…but is finally back home where she belongs.

She brings with her not only a very practical business sense along with good management skills, but her knowledge of gemstones and mounting options brings about a sort of mathematical artistry. Her dedication to meet and often exceed her customers’ expectations, along with her beautiful smile makes her a great permanent addition to our staff/family.

She keeps us current and adds a happy vibe to the store.



Coco is the one that everyone comes to see. She’s the 7 year old Chocolate Lab that we affectionately call “the store greeter”. She pops up on the counter looking like she’s willing to help or maybe she senses the “dog person” and comes out for a visit. She doesn’t do much else, but she works for only 1 cookie a day .