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Occasionally we take in repairs and one of the first questions we may ask is “when did you last have it checked”? The answer is often years or never. When we check and clean your jewelry, if a prong is broken, your stone is loose, or if the chain is badly overstretched, we can repair it before you end up losing a stone or necklace. Once it’s gone, the ‘would have, should have’ is bound to kick in. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way. It takes 2 minutes and it’s completely free, whether you bought your piece from us or not!





The picture above is a perfect example of how prongs often look before & after re-tipping. Re-tipping is very much necessary if your prongs on top of your stone are starting to flatten out or bend. When we inspect your jewelry, we use a “loop” that is magnified 10x the human eye and that is how we often find cracks,chips, or worn down prongs.


Many of our customers often ask “How often should I bring in my jewelry to be checked?” When we tell them that we recommend every 3-4 weeks, we often get the look of surprise along with “Really! That often?” We say 3-4 weeks because we understand that many people wear some of their jewelry everyday. The pieces that you wear everyday are the ones that get the beat up the most.

So whenever you are in town & nearby, whether it’s getting your nails done, grocery shopping or you just want to stop in, let us clean & inspect everything for you! You will leave with a peace of mind that your favorite pieces are intact, and all sparkly! 🙂


Pilar Martinez


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Published on: November 30, 2016
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