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We offer onsite appraisals by Khames himself. We understand the importance and value of your jewelry, which is why we ensure that every customer who receives an appraisal from us has the most accurate and descriptive information for insurance purposes.

If you need documentation for jewelry that you do not plan on insuring, we also do estimates of value.

Pricing for both Appraisals and Estimates of Value are based on the number of pieces, as well as the value of the piece

On-Site Jewelry Repair & Services

All Jewelry repairs are done on site by Khames himself. Being the master goldsmith and owner of the store, many of our customers appreciate the fact that Khames is the only one who works on their jewelry. We offer all of the following services:
  • Ring Resizing
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Soldering
  • Restringing
  • Stone setting
  • Prong repair & Re-Tipping
  • Rebuilding shanks
  • Chain Repair
  • Polishing & Refinishing of Jewelry
  • Polishing of Watch Band Polishing
  • Stone Re-cutting & Polishing
  • Engraving

Custom Design

Whether you are looking to reset a diamond or have a piece of jewelry made that you design yourself, Khames is able to do it all. In our showroom, many of our pieces are custom made by Khames himself. His passion is designing new pieces and making his customers dreams become a reality. Many custom design pieces are first made with a CAD, and then molded and completed on Khames’ work bench. If not, Khames will make your piece by hand. Khames’ custom design work is what lead to the creation of his hashtag #onepiecekhames.

Watch Service & Repair

Khames Jewelers offers watch repair on all watches. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Battery Replacement
  • Adding/Removing Links
  • Watch band replacement
  • Clean & Overhauls
  • Movement Repair
  • Stem & Crown Repairs
  • Crystal Replacement
We also offer Rolex Services. Being that Khames Jewelers is not an Authorized Dealer, we do not service Rolexes on site. We work with a Certified Rolex Technician who will service our customer’s watches with genuine Rolex parts & oils. n

Laser Welding

Khames Jewelers has a state of the art Laser Welding machine on site. Khames has gone through extensive training and has mastered the machine, which enables him to repair items that cannot be repaired through traditional methods involving heat. The addition of this laser welder allows him to accommodate his customers with all of their repairs.

We Buy...

At Khames Jewelers, we buy Gold, Platinum, Coins, Silver flatware sets, Pre-Owned Rolex’s and other high end watches. We also buy diamonds. If you bring in any of your pieces, we will work with you to give you the best price possible.

If looking to sell diamonds or high end watches, please bring any paperwork/boxes you have to go along with it.